Many people need authentication and legalization of foreign documents such as marriage or divorce certificates, passports, Power of Attorney, university transcripts and so on. In Canada, the process includes going to the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) for legalization and then to the specific embassy for authentication.

The rules, regulations and processes associated with authentication and legalization can be complicated and daunting, especially as they can differ greatly dependent on which embassy/country your documentation is required for as well as the document type and origin. Things which might delay your submission include:

Some embassies will only take certified cheques or money orders.
Some documents need to be translated and the translated copy needs to be certified.
Some embassies only do authentication tasks at certain times on certain days, so “rush” items might take longer than anticipated.

Let Frontenac Legal Support Services simplify. At Frontenac, with more than 30 years experience in the business, we are very well versed in the particulars of authentication and legalization, DFAIT regulations, and individual foreign embassy/consulate requirements. We also have well established relationships with both DFAIT and the embassies and the convenience of our new office location enables us to provide the best service possible.

Our proven experience, strong relationships and our convenient location enable the Frontenac Legal team to quickly and proficiently handle your authentication and legalization requirements as well as any process serving, document retrieval and litigation search needs, giving you the peace of mind needed when dealing in these matters.

If you would like us to manage this process for you, please let us know.