The Frontenac Legal Choice

Comprehensive legal support services portfolio
30 years plus combined staff experience
Professional office with the latest technology and communication tools
Professional association memberships and trusted worldwide partner network
Global service delivery scope

The Frontenac Legal Difference

Proprietary online Case Management System (CMS)
Automated status updates customized according to your communication preferences
Ability to handle last minute, urgent and difficult cases
Well established and trusted global partner network enables the right team at the right time

What are Frontenac Legal’s turnaround times?

As our solutions are customized to best suit the needs of our clients, turnaround times likewise are dependent on level of service, urgency, unique variables and other factors. That said, we get the job done right and on time. Please contact us via email: [email protected], by phone: 613-877-2049, to discuss your business needs and […]

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What services does Frontenac Legal provide?

Frontenac Legal’s proven comprehensive services portfolio covers these key areas:

Document retrieval, litigation searches and due diligence services
Courthouse issuing and filing and service of documents
Corporate and entity management services
Authentication and legalization of foreign papers

You can find out more about these services by visiting our services page.

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How do we find people if we don’t know where they are located?

People need to be found for a variety of reasons.  Frontenac Legal provides full skip trace capabilities to find people that either: (a) don’t want to be found or (b) don’t know that someone is trying to get in touch with them after they have moved.

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We need to get a document into someone’s hands in an official capacity. How do we do that?

We often need to officially notify someone of something (legal actions, letter of refusal or acceptance, etc.). As part of our process serving capabilities, Frontenac Legal provides this service for a variety of customers including law firms, accounting firms, banks, government agencies, etc., and we provide a legal proof of service to verify that […]

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How does Frontenac Legal handle difficult cases?

The Frontenac Legal team uses our vast industry experience and qualified team of professionals, the latest technology and communication tools, direct access to government agencies and our global network of trusted agents and partners (each with their own proven toolkit) to ensure fast, efficient service worldwide.
This critical combination of key factors enables us to […]

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Where does Frontenac Legal provide service?

From our head office in Kingston, Frontenac Legal Support Services can offer fast, efficient service anywhere within our local service area which stretches from Trenton to Brockville and north to Perth and Sharbot Lake.

Outside of our local service area we utilize an extensive network of experienced agents to provide service across Canada and the […]

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Does Frontenac Legal have partners?

Yes, Frontenac Legal has a global network of trusted agents and partners that along with our core team enable us to offer a full suite of legal support services worldwide.

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